Easy physics

Easy physics

The paint works similar to carbon fiber mats. The resistance depends on the thickness of the material. The current flow depends on the resistance and the voltage. Therefore, the surface temperature depends on the current flow and the warmth in the room depends on the time the heater is used with the current flow.

The efficiency of the heater can be easily calculated by multiplying current flow and voltage. Efficiency multiplied with the activation time equals the energy which is equivalent to the warmth in the same unit.

We use transformers to ensure the heater gets all the power it needs. They run on very low voltage, which makes it possible to drill nails through the paint or to put in new sockets without any problems – the paint will continue to do its work.

On surfaces with a good warmth conductivity a special insulation plaster is applied. This combination has proven especially useful on concrete.

The heating paint has nearly unlimited durability, needs no maintenance at all and will save you enormous amounts of energy. NOW is the time for you to switch!!!



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Easy physics